fas agus bas card

Fás agus Bás/Growth and Death

Poet Domhnall Mac Síthigh

Art Áine Uí Dhúbhshláine

Calligraphy Bob Ó Cathail

Translation Máire Uí Shíthigh

Domhnall Mac Síthigh wrote the poem Fás agus Bás in 2008 to celebrate his planting of 70 trees – ash and alder. Letter cards were made in 2020 using the poem to support the Dingle Camphill Community’s tree planting project. This community planted 10,000 trees in 2006 east of Dingle. They are presently developing a pathway through their woodland which will be suitable for wheelchair users. All profits accrued from these cards will go towards this project. The cards can be purchased in the  following places:

  • The Dingle Bookshop
  •  Jerry Kennedy’s Butcher’s Shop, Dingle
  •  Siopa an Bhuailtín, Baile an Fheirtéaraigh
  • Dingle and Ventry Post Offices
  • An Siopa Leabhar, 6 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

 and from www.tigaine.com.

In time they will be more widely available. Most of the cards have an English translation but some the original Irish version only.

Contact 086 3019369/087 7748767 tigaine@eircom.net



Bob O Cathail
Bob Ó Cathail - caligraphy
Aine with a falcon
Aine Uí Dhúbhshláine
Dhnal Mac Síthigh -Danny Sheehy memorial card
Domhnal Mac Síthigh (1951 - 2017)

Poetry Dómhnal Mac a tSithigh - Art Áine - Calligraphy Bob O Cathail

Fás agus Bás
Fás agus Bás
fas agus bas card
Fás agus Bás Card
Bob O Cathail
Bob Ó Cathail - caligraphy

Fás agus Bás

fas agus bas card
Fas agus Bas card back
Fás agus Bás back of card
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